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fem_ink's Journal

grrls with mods
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Anybody , Moderated
Respect the other people in this community.
If you are gonna post a ton of pics please try and put them in a cut.
Be aware that hateful and negative comments that are rude or that will degrade someone will be removed and you will be banned.
We would like to assume that everyone posting their bodymods in this forum is over 18 years old, seeing as it's the law that you may not be tattooed or pierced underage without a parent's permission.
Though we are aware that girls do get bodymods underage and we don't want to exclude anyone.
If you're going to post pictures of genital piercings or tattoos in areas that people passing by would be offended by seeing put them under a cut.

Have fun with this, its just a place where we can share pics and stories and help each other out and brag when we get our badass work done. :)

If you have any questions you can contact me, Wendy, at my journal aurorasometimes or on my aim ChippedBlkPolish.